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20000 Leagues and A Christmas Carol

Due to a revision on my site, I’ve started a page dedicated to the “Read the Classics Challenge” and added a drop down menu to collect all the related blog entries.

#1:  Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea – Jules Verne

Initial thoughts:  Isn’t this the Journey to the Center of the Earth guy?  (scans list–Yep!)  Brenden Frazier and The Rock.  Shouldn’t be too bad.

Post-read thoughts:  Verne used the word “rapidity” a lot.  I would have probably shanked Capt. Nemo after about day 10.  Crap, what have I gotten myself into with this stupid challenge.

#2:  A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

Initial thoughts:  Well, at least I know the gist of the story…Grumpy man pisses on Christmas then sees a bunch of ghost who show him some crazy shit and the Grumpy old man wakes up happy, happy, happy.  (OK, maybe I’m watching too much Duck Dynasty.)

Post-read thoughts:  Yep, that’s the way I remember the story going.  He used “rapidity” too, but only once.  Maybe twice.  Reads more like a poem than prose.


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