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The Madea Complex

I recently read The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts.  It is based on a true story and seems reasonably well researched.

There are a few principle characters in the book and each chapter focuses on the point of view of one of those characters.  Sometimes I did get a little confused as to which chapter/POV I was reading.  That was through no real fault of the author; she labeled each chapter clearly.  The book gives a nice glimpse into the views toward and treatments for mental health issues in the late 1800s.  Specifically that of women.  The “doctor” in the book comes to the conclusion Anne is insane because she read tooooooo many books and being reasonably intelligent enough to actually understand (gasp!) what she read, it drove her crazy.  He also tosses in that maybe she didn’t properly grieve after a miscarriage, but obviously it was her overzealous reading that did the real damage.  Shew!

I picked up the Kindle edition and there did seem to be a few typos, but I couldn’t figure out if the typos were on purpose for characterization or if they were just regular ol’ typos.  Overall, not a huge distraction, but they are there.

Looking at the author’s website, this was her first novel and I’d be inclined to read her second novel.  🙂


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