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Memory Monday-The Pumpkin Girl

Memory Monday-The Pumpkin Girl

Memory Monday…It’s a thing.

I wasn’t the only little girl in the family in danger of being something other than a little girl. For me, I narrowly escaped being a groundhog. My little sister, Julie, was almost a pumpkin.

Right around my 14th birthday, my mom thought she had the flu and after nearly a week of being sick, she gave in and went to the doctor. After an exam and a few tests, the doctor announced that my mom was pregnant. Mom told the doctor he was crazy and explained she was told she wasn’t able to have anymore kids after me. The doctor assured her the previous doctor must have been wrong since she was in fact pregnant.

I started high school that fall and one day in late October, very close to Halloween, I was called out of my second period computer class. Granny and Aunt Connie picked me up at school so I could be at the hospital with my mom. Mom let me go into the delivery room with her and wow, I don’t ever want to be in that kind of room again. If there are any parents of teenagers reading this and if you want to discourage your teens from having sex and getting pregnant, let them go into a delivery room. Just sayin’.

On October 29th, my little glow worm sister was born. It didn’t take me long to figure out that if she was born just two days later, she would have been a pumpkin. To carry on the family tradition of psychological and emotional abuse, as soon as Julie was old enough to understand, I began telling her how if she had been born just two measly little days later, she would have been a pumpkin instead of a little girl. Strangely, she was upset that she wasn’t born later so she COULD be a pumpkin!

So happy early birthday my almost-a-pumpkin-sister from your almost-a-groundhog-sister.

Almost a pumpkin...or a Christmas Tree.

Almost a pumpkin…or a Christmas Tree.

Happy Birthday, Sissy!


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  1. Nice memory. Oh, and I’m taking the 14 yr old out to random hospitals today since I don’t know of anyone who is currently expecting.


  2. Great memory of when Julie was born. Love the pics you included!


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