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Memory Monday-Trick or Treat

Memory Monday-Trick or Treat

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Back in my day, if we wanted to go trick-or-treating, we had to walk eight miles, uphill, barefoot, in homemade costumes to get one candy bar and then we went home and we liked it.

Ok so maybe it wasn’t like that, but it wasn’t like it is now either. When I was a kid, I did wear homemade costumes like a sheet over me to be a ghost if my mom was feeling a little pressed for time and money. Other favorites were clowns, hobos, and scarecrows. Although, I do remember one year, she made me a bumble-bee costume complete with a stinger and wings.

There wasn’t a scheduled night or time frame. Halloween was on October 31st and that’s when you dressed up and went out begging for candy. I remember walking to my neighbor’s houses not going to designated safe zones where mall employees or the like hand out one or two tiny little pieces of candy. I remember getting full sized candy bars too not the little fun size nonsense. (Seriously, there is nothing “fun” about a half-inch squared piece of chocolate since you have to have ten of them to make up a full bite.)

I lived in the country so the neighbor’s houses were spread out and we probably did walk at least two miles round trip. There aren’t any street lights in the country so we had flashlights to help us see where we were going and to help the few cars on the road see us. It also wasn’t uncommon for the older kids to hide in the hills or over the bank to try to jump out and scare us as we came by.

I remember one neighbor would make caramel covered apples and I believe my aunt used to make popcorn balls. Those were the two best treats to get! Once we got home, Mom, Granny, or one of the other adults would give the candy collection a once over to make sure nothing looked too crazy. Really, I think they wanted an opportunity to pilfer a treat for themselves.

We didn’t have to worry about cocaine laced suckers or other drugs being injected into our candy. We didn’t have to worry about razor blades being stuck in the homemade treats. People just weren’t that sick.

If you do have a little ghoul or goblin that you are taking on a candy begging round, check out the rules for your neighborhood and locale. Only go to people you know. If you are the one handing out candy, don’t bother making homemade treats, get a mixed bag from the store. However, I do suggest having a few full size candy bars on hand for those special ghouls and goblins you may know. Or you can send them to me.

Mom was still making costumes for me in 2001.

Mom was still making costumes for me in 2001.


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  1. Oh, mom-made costumes are THE BEST!! Just the other day as I was desperately trying to find a cheaper way to make Taylor Katniss Everdeen (the little thin, plastic jacket alone is $50), I told Mike that if mom were here it would have been done perfectly a month ago. She made mine and my brothers costumes till we no longer trick-or-treated, then continued to make James and Taylor’s every year until she passed.
    I vaguely remember those trick-or-treats out on The Fork. Unfortunately we moved away when I was still little so I don’t have very clear ones. But still, I do so love your Memory Mondays!!


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