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Memory Monday-It’s Chicken

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

When I was a kid, there were about four basic things I would eat. Everything else was gross and disgusting and inedible. I’m sure this made life so very easy for my mother and grandmother. For the most part, they gave in and fixed me the things I liked. However, there were times, like Thanksgiving, where stopping to fix a grilled cheese sandwich didn’t happen.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, it made me think about one Thanksgiving in particular. I think it’s typical to shuffle the kids off to makeshift tables to eat while the adults enjoy sitting at the dining room table.

Anyway, as tradition goes, I was sitting on the floor around the coffee table at my grandmother’s house with my cousins, Arden and Jason. Our moms brought us plates of food and mine looked like my mother was trying to starve me. Arden and Jason had mashed potatoes, turkey, beans, a roll, cranberry glop, corn, etc. covering their plates. Mine had mashed potatoes, turkey, and a roll.

I pointed at the turkey, gagging, and asked Mom what “THAT” was. She told me it was turkey. Promptly, I declared I was not eating “THAT” and asked for chicken instead. Mom very calmly picked my plate up and went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later she returned and gave me the same exact plate.

“Is that chicken?” I pointed to the meat on the plate. It looked different, but I wanted to check.

“Yes.” She went back to the kitchen to enjoy her meal.

Satisfied that I was not eating something as gross as turkey, I took a great big bite of my chicken.

“You know that’s still turkey, right?” Arden asked me.

“Mom said it’s chicken.”

“It’s turkey.”

“No. It’s chicken. Mom wouldn’t lie to me.”

Boy was I a sucker or what?! Heck, yeah, my mom would lie to me and she did! I argued and defended her honor for nothing. She just tore the turkey up a little more and moved it around the plate before she brought the same exact thing back to me. Those moms sure are sneaky!

I love turkey now and I am so looking forward to Thursday’s dinner! Turkey…YUM!


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Marsha Blevins lives in West Virginia with her boyfriend and six fur-children. She earned her B.A. in English with a concentration on writing from Marshall University. Two of her short stories and several poems were published in the university’s literary magazine, Et Cetera. She is an active member of the writing group Wicked Wordsmiths of the West and WV Writers. Follow her at on Facebook at, on Twitter @marbleswords.

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