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Old Photographs

Photography and photos have been a big part of my life for the past month. My NaNoWriMo 2014 project focused on a photographer in the late 1870s. My MC delved into the practice of photographing the dead, which many people today would find taboo and/or fascinating. In my latest project, I also played upon the superstition that photos could somehow steal or capture a person’s soul.

Throughout the years, I’ve dabbled in photography. Like my MC, I found I have a preference for photographing nature, animals, buildings, and anything not human. People are sometimes the most difficult subjects. I’ve shot a few weddings, one engagement set, promo shots for a local musician, and my sister’s senior portraits. While I personally prefer to avoid photographing people, I have fallen in love with old family photos.

I’ve been collecting old family photos for years and am trying to scan as many as possible to share with my family. Many of the photos I’ve worked with are torn, bent, starting to fade, or have writing on them. I’m trying to learn Photoshop so I can restore the photos. If the damage isn’t too extensive, I can clean the photo up quite nicely at this point, but fixing some of the more extreme damage is still beyond my abilities.

Some of my favorites are photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents. My great-grandparents either died before or shortly after I was born so I have no true memory of them, but I feel like I can get a sense of who they were based on the photos and old family stories. While it may be narcissistic, I also love looking at photos of me as a kid. (I was such an odd little creature.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to include more and more of my photo treasures in future blog posts, but for now, here are a few of my recent favorite finds.

*Note: Some are unedited scans so forgive the rough edges, crookedness, etc.


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  1. Love old family photos! I was looking at that one of your mamaw Jewell and this is the first time I’ve really noticed it, but I can see a lot of her in you. Thanks for sharing!


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