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Memory Monday-Kitchen Dancehall

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

I told you about The REAL Full House last month and how my grandfather remodeled the house to make it larger. The new, larger, kitchen and dining area wasn’t just for eating the amazing meals my grandmother prepared. Oh no, it was for dancing too.

On Saturday’s after a morning full of cartoons, it wasn’t usual to find the record player sitting on the kitchen counter. In the remodeled house the kitchen floor was brown linoleum and great for sock sliding. Mom, Debbie, Bev, Bonnie and Brett would all join in the fun. We’d play Alabama, Juice Newton, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Chuck Berry and several others for hours as we danced around the kitchen.

Why Granny didn’t run us out of the house, I’ll never know. I’m sure she wanted to sometimes.

Do people do this kind of stuff anymore?


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  1. Girl, you know this is some craziness that Taylor and I do on a regular basis, lol! I just hope that Taylor carries these memories with her as you do yours.


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