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Memory Monday-Christmas

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Christmas is almost here and I wish Christmas still held the same magical feel as it did when I was a child. Working in retail year after year kills the Christmas spirit and turns it into “just another day.” Or maybe it is how things change as you move from being a kid to being an adult.

DON’T LET YOUR KIDS READ THIS! Santa spoilers ahead!

My list of Christmas Favorites, past and present:


  • Favorite tree trimming item: Icicles. The silvery foil like strings.
    • As a kid: Beautiful and fun to throw on the tree. I love the way they catch the lights and make the tree look even glitterier.
    • As an adult: Still fun to throw on the tree. A huge mess since they don’t stay on the tree and a huge risk to the dogs and cats that share my home.
  • Lights: Multicolor twinkle lights are the way to go!
    • As a kid: Fruity-pebble lights rock and they better twinkle. Bonus if you can get each strand to blink at different intervals.
    • As an adult: Fruity-pebble lights still rock. The blinking is distracting and why didn’t anyone unplug the tree last night and is it really so hard to sync the strands of lights so they blink at the same time.
  • Christmas Music: Silent Night. No reason why, it’s just my favorite.
    • As a kid: I could sing Rudolph, Joy to the World, Silent Night, Frosty the Snowman and any other Christmas song I could think of all day long every day in December and loved when the radio stations played Christmas music all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
    • As an adult: Up until earlier this month, I wouldn’t be caught dead singing or listening to a Christmas song unless it was “Last Christmas” by Wham! (and only Wham! not the other fakers trying to sing it). I don’t understand why Christmas music starts being played in October!
  • Santa tradition: Leaving cookies and fruit out for Santa in case he was hungry.
    • As a kid: I would leave Santa some cookies, oranges, and apples. It was the first thing I would check when I woke up on Christmas morning and I would always squeal in delight when the plate was empty.
    • As an adult: I was completely devastated to learn the fruit I thought Santa ate was the fruit that was in my stocking. (Note to self—ask Mom if she ate the cookies!) I still love getting a gift from Santa every year and it’s usually a coloring book and crayons.
  • Christmas Play: None of them
    • As a kid: I dreaded the obligatory nativity play every year at church. I tried to be one of the farm animals or the angel every year to keep my lines at a minimum.
    • As an adult: I was actually more of a teenager when the youth church did a slightly different play. There was nobody to play the “teen son” so the part was edited for a “teen daughter” and I was cast. During a rehearsal, the boy, Dustin, playing the “Father” was telling us about a couple of kids at his school getting caught making out in the school library. On the night of the play, his exit and final line was supposed to be him taking “mother” off stage to go to bed. Immediately after his line, I was supposed to “hear something” outside and take my “little brother and sister” to the window to see Santa fly way. Dustin deviates a little and says “Come on dear, let’s go to the library,” and exits stage left. The youth director is in the front panicking because he basically just made a reference to kids having sex in the library in front of the entire congregation. I recovered nicely and got the other two kids over to the window to wrap things up and bring down the curtain.
  • Gifts: What’s not to like about a gift? Gifts are awesome!
    • As a kid: Some of my favorite gifts I remember getting as a kid are: a yellow peddle tractor, a school desk with a chalkboard top, a radio, a Starship cassette, a Spirograph, trucks, and any kind of book. Dolls were alright, but not my favorite.
    • As an adult: I’m fairly simple to buy for these days. I still prefer a book or journal. Anything “geeky” or things I can use for crafting will do. I’ve also asked for gift cards the past couple of years so I can combine them to buy more expensive items. Last year I wanted a high end printer that was too expensive to ask and expect any one person to buy so the gift cards were a great solution. Tim, my boyfriend, thought I was trying to trick him during our first Christmas together. He asked what I wanted and I said “house shoes.” That’s what I wanted and needed. I work at home so I’m in the house more than I’m out of it so house shoes are a critical item for me. I hate when people try to buy me clothing.

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