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Memory Monday-Granny was Arrested

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

During the Full House days at Granny’s, an epic feud broke out between us and one set of neighbors. The Dills had a trailer that sat near the end of the swinging bridge we used to cross the creek. The grandmother of that family lived in the house nearest the road (House #5 on my map). When it flooded, it was common for the water to be too high to drive our cars across the creek, but the walking path would be clear. When this happened, we would park our cars on the side of the road in front of their homes.

One Friday night, during a flood, we get a call from the Dill family saying our cars were on their property and had to be moved, at once. Specifically, Debbie’s car was the offending car. What some may not know is the state road owns, or claims, so many feet from the center of the road. Armed with a tape measure and flashlights, I went with Granny and Debbie across the creek to measure the distance from the middle of the road to see if Debbie’s car was on their property.

Granny and I stood in the road while Debbie measured from the center of the road to the far side of her car. Turned out, Debbie’s car was entirely on state property and several inches away from where their property line. Once she was finished measuring the placement of her car, Debbie walked up to the front door of the house to inform the Dills she was not on their property. That was that and we walked back home.

Saturday evening, two county police officers showed up with warrants to arrest Debbie and Granny for trespassing. Once the Dill family learned they couldn’t do anything about the cars, they called the police to complain about trespassing. The officers were ready to handcuff Debbie and Granny. I remember a lot of raised voices and arguing. I’m sure my mom and Aunt Sue were on the verge of being arrested themselves as they came to Granny’s defense.

“Just clam down.” Granny said, waving her arms. Everyone, including the officers, stopped talking. “I can’t go with you tonight.” Granny told one of the officers.

“Why not?” he asked.

“I have to go to church tomorrow. I’ll come over Monday.”

I’m sure there was a little more to the conversation, but the officers basically said that would be fine and left. Granny and Debbie ended up in court and the case was eventually thrown out. The feud with that family raged on for years. I have no idea why it started in the first place, but to this day most members of my family still hold a general dislike (mildly stated) for the Dills.


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