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Memory Monday-Who’s That?

Memory Monday-Who’s That?

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Over the years, I’ve tried to preserve some of our family history. I’ve rounded up boxes and albums of old, family photos. Slowly, but surely, I’m digitalizing them and trying to put names to the faces. A few months ago, I was working on one batch of photos and my mom was helping with the names. The conversations went something little like this:

  • Me: Who’s this?
  • Mom: I’m really not sure.
  • Me: Sansom? Adkins?
  • Mom: Kind of looks like one of the Sansom’s.
  • Me: There’s nothing on the back.
  • Mom: That looks like Aunt Gracie’s living room. Maybe Janet or Blue-Eyes will know.
  • Me: OK.

My cousin Arden and I talk about the family history and how much of it we are losing already. The primary catalyst for this conversation is usually our grandmother. I would venture to say that my cousin Brett, who is around 35 years old, is Granny’s only great-grandchild who remembers her well. There are four other cousins (Miranda, Kendra, Ryan, and Brittany) who may have a few memories of her, but they really didn’t have the pleasure of growing up or spending summer vacations with her.

It’s shocking to think that someone I have such loving and dear memories of will be reduced to a nameless person in a photo that the oldest living person in the family “might” be able to identify. It makes me think I need to do more to capture these priceless family stories, true or not, to give future generations a sense of who they come from. And what better way to do that, than through my Memory Monday stories.


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