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Memory Monday-Terrible Crime

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Barbie dolls had rough lives in my family. Mine stayed in a box until other little girls were around to play with them, two of them went sailing naked, and Ken had to die. My sister’s dolls also had it rough.

Julie wasn’t a typical kid when it came to what she enjoyed watching on TV. Her main interests were dinosaurs (Land Before Time series) and westerns (Young Guns remains one of her favorite movies). My four year old sister preferred watching Young Guns, Tombstone, and many other westerns to just about everything else. She would watch them on repeat like most kids watch Disney movies or cartoons.

She would sit in the floor and play with her toys, including her Barbie dolls. Then one day, I noticed her Barbie dolls hanging from various things around the house like the back of a kitchen chair she pulled into the living room. As I’ve said before…Thank goodness my mother doesn’t over-react or we’d be seeking out a group rate for therapy sessions. One day, I was sitting in the living room reading and Julie was playing with her dolls on the floor. She chit chatted like little kids do when they are off in a fantasy play world. I pretended I wasn’t paying attention to her kept my book up as if reading. She went to the kitchen and she pulled a kitchen chair into the living room. I knew what was coming, but I wanted to know why.

She had the dolls lined up. One by one, she tied a piece of yarn around each doll’s neck. Then she placed the doll on the very narrow edge of the back of the chair seat while she attached the other end to the top of the chair back and through the slats. She stood the doll up and muttered off something I couldn’t understand. Then she said, “You have committed a terrible crime!” before dropping the doll to let it dangle from the chair. She repeated the process until each doll received her punishment for the “terrible crime” committed and then she went to her room.

I told Mom what I happened and Mom laughed. Apparently, there was a scene in one movie Julie watched where a group of “outlaws” were sentenced to hang. Julie was acting out the scene from the movie using her dolls. I guess she left the dolls as a warnings to the other dolls in the house to stay away from “terrible crimes?”


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