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Memory Monday-Life’s a beach

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

OK, this is getting posted much later than normal today because I was out making new memories. 🙂 Enjoy…

Every summer for the past ten years, we’ve gone on an annual family vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We actually go south of Myrtle Beach to the Garden City area. We rent a beach house and divvy up the total house cost between the adults. Over the years, there have been different people who have gone with us. One year there were only three of us, but most years we usually have around ten adults plus the kids. Your posts this week are coming from this annual vacation and in honor of that, I thought I would share a memory montage of past trips (where possible, I’ve noted the year) every Monday throughout June.

We drive down every year and I typically follow my cousin Tommy. This was out of necessity/ease at first since he knew the way and I didn’t. Now, I still follow him out of tradition.

I believe 2003 is the first year we went to the beach together. That year it was Tommy, Debbie, Miranda, Kendra, Emily, Julie, and me. Some of the funniest moments happened on this trip.

First, we arrived at the house we were staying in and unpacked. Then we sorted out who was taking which room and all the other fun stuff that comes with starting a vacation. Later that night, Julie and I went to our room where we were sharing a queen size bed. We peeled back the covers, to find a gigantic bug on our bed. We called out for help and Miranda came in the room; she is afraid of ALL bugs no matter how big or small. She took off running as soon as she saw the huge bug on the bed. Her screams caused the rest of the family to come see what was going on in our room. At that point we were tripping over each other and had to look as if we were acting out a scene from one of the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

Clearly, Tommy was out numbered on this trip and our idea of fun was certainly not his idea of fun. So we declared Tommy could have one day of the trip to do whatever he wanted to do. He is a huge NASCAR fan so he wanted to go to Darlington Raceway. A museum had just opened at the racetrack and he wanted to go. We loaded into the minivan, which didn’t have a working air conditioner, to make the forty-five minute drive to Darlington. Turns out, Darlington was much farther away than anticipated. We’re all hot and miserable, but we finally make it to the race track. The museum wasn’t open because of a water leak so the best we could do was walk out on the track. We finally find a McDonald’s for lunch and it’s amazing how delicious McDonald’s food can taste after a two hour, hot, miserable car ride in a van full of people.

A few days later, we were all in the house getting ready to go to the beach. Julie, Emily, Kendra and I were waiting in the living room. Miranda ran into the room and was showing off her new bikini. She was playing supermodel and twisting and turning. She stopped and threw her shoulders back and as she did the plastic front snap on her bikini top snapped. The tight bikini top popped off leaving her to expose herself to all of us in the room.

The most epic memory from this trip was what has become known as the “Everybody to The Car” moment. Emily wanted a skim board so while we were out shopping, we stopped at one of the small shops that advertised skim boards for $9.99. We go in the store and all branch off in different directions. Julie and I were in one corner, Miranda and Kendra in another, Tommy was walking toward the back, and Debbie went with Emily to ask about the skim boards. We all picked out a trinket or two and was just shopping, when we hear Debbie getting loud at the front of the store. We all realize something is going on and move toward the front of the store. We can see Debbie and she is locked in a debate with one of the store employees. Debbie talks with her hands so they were going full force. The next thing we hear Debbie say was, “Well, if there is going to be a discrepancy with the price, we will shop somewhere else. Everybody! To the car!” As she says this, she has her arm in the air waving it in a circular “round up” motion before she pointed out the door. Without a word, each of us dropped whatever we had in our hands and crawled back into the van. We sat in silence for a few seconds and then Debbie said, “Well, now what does everyone want to do?” in a very chipper voice, like nothing happened in the store. Emily did eventually get a skim board, but not from that shop. However, Julie never found another necklace like the one she had picked out and didn’t get to buy.

While we will only be at the beach for a week, I hope you check back here for additional beach memories this month.


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