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Memory Monday-Beach Baby

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Our annual beach trip is over this year, and as you can see, I’m a little behind schedule on my normal posts. Still, here’s a collection of beach memories from 2006 with PICTURES!  I’ll be sharing memories from beach vacations month for Memory Monday.

Our 2006 trip was memorable as it was the first year Molly, Miranda’s daughter, went with us. She was born in April 2006 and by June; she was a beach baby.

Back then cell phone coverage was spotty in some areas from earlier trips so we used walkie-talkies to communicate pit stops, upcoming turn offs, etc. As we crossed into SC, we stopped for gas at what was supposed to be our last stop until we arrived at the beach rental office. We were back on the road for about an hour when Debbie came on the walkie-talkie and said, “We have to pull over, Emily pooped.” Mom, Julie, and I laughed so hard we were in tears. Debbie meant to say Molly pooped and they needed to change her diaper, but she said Emily, who was about 15 years old.

Once we arrived at the beach house, things went pretty well. Molly didn’t have a shortage of people to look after her. Molly’s father, Zac, went with us too that year and he was assigned trash duty. There were approximately 10-12 people all using the same kitchen area with what was probably a standard 13 gallon trash can. As you can imagine, it filled up rather quickly. Zac’s job was to pull the bag out when it was full and take it to the larger bins outside. It seemed like every three hours we would hear Debbie (Miranda’s mother) yelling at Zac to take out the trash. One morning, my mom, the earliest riser of all of us, was awake and saw that the trash was full. Mom bagged it up and took it outside. When she came in Debbie was up and asked what Mom was doing. When Mom told her, Debbie got a little snippy and informed Mom that “Trash is Zac’s job.”

Later in the week, the teenagers got their noses pierced and not to be outdone by children, I pierced mine too. Back at the beach house, I was attempting to clean mine and caused it to fall out. The hole on the inside of the piercing grows up really, really fast. I had to go find the girls and have the shove it back through for me. Shyanna was the only one brave enough to do it. I still have my nose ring to this day.

We also went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. We were all walking through enjoying the sights. I snapped pictures of the girls with a replica of the tallest man and several other objects. Then we came across this demon looking wall hanging with an open mouth. Above it was a sign that says “Can’t Touch This” so we talked Shyanna into sticking her hand in the things mouth. When she did, it was rigged to shoot a little puff of air out. She jumped backwards and screamed, “It bit me!”

We always have so much fun on our beach vacations! I hope you keep coming back on Monday for more beach memories!


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