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Memory Monday-Beach Memory Mash Up

Memory Monday-Beach Memory Mash Up

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

Continuing with my beach memories for Memory Monday, I looked back over my notes and realized there are several small moments that may not constitute a full story, but are still moments remembered from past trips. After all, aren’t most memories just small snippets of a larger event or story?

We’ll call this post a memory montage. I tried to list the year, but couldn’t remember with certainty when some of these things took place so here are the memories in no particular order…

One of my sister’s friends, Camille, went with us one summer. The three of us walked to the nearby pier for ice cream and to play arcade games. We walked back down the beach to our house in the dark. At night these small sand crabs all over the beach. Usually, the sound and vibration of people walking scare the crabs and they run. Julie and I were using our cell phones as flashlights to avoid stepping on the little critters and Camille was using her phone to call her mother. Once Camille noticed the crabs, she put her mom on speaker phone to turn on her flashlight app. She took off running and shouting at her mom, “I have to go! I’m chasing crabs!”

I’ve mentioned we drive down and we always take a bag of snacks for the car. On one trip, I asked for the snack options. Julie starts cracking up laughing and I glance around to see what was so funny. She held a bag of doggie treats and we didn’t have any dogs with us. Mom packed the snack bag and she picked up the wrong package of treats. While we laughed and made fun of her for packing dog treats, we ended up finding a dog to feed the treats to during the trip.

While at the beach, my sister and I love get the low beach chairs and sit at the edge of the water. We sit close enough for the waves to come up over our legs. Mom joins us for a few minutes from time to time each year. Occasionally, a rather strong wave will hit us. Because of the way the sand shifts under the chairs, the chairs can flip. We thought Mom knew to lean forward when larger waves came in, but she didn’t. Once while sitting with us, one such wave rolled in and we leaned forward and she didn’t. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mom’s chair flip over and her feet flying up in the air.

The ice cream truck is a BIG deal at the beach. It is the one thing guaranteed to turn everyone into a child. One year, the ice cream truck was coming by our house and the teen-agers ran out to get their ice cream. Emily was just getting out of the shower and didn’t want to be left out, so she grabbed her money and ran out to the truck in her bath towel.

We happened to be at the beach during Easter one year. Molly was with us and was maybe five years old at the time. If she had any concerns about the Easter Bunny finding her, she didn’t say anything. However, on Easter morning when she woke up to find a huge basket sitting on the kitchen table, she started jumping up and down, shouting “The Easter Bunny found us!”



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