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Memory Monday-Beach Trip Quotes

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

It’s the final Monday of June and the last Memory Monday dedicated entirely to our beach trips.

I’ll leave you today with a list of memorable quotes:

“Everybody, to the car!” Debbie during the skim board incident.

“I wanna do that!” Miranda while on a mechanical bull. She pointed to a roller coaster next to the mechanical bull and subsequently fell off the bull after being distracted by the roller coaster.

“The ocean is just over this next hill.” Kendra as we approached every incline in the road in the state of South Carolina. She is clearly not a strong navigator as we were still several miles away from the coast.

“Wanna go to Darlington?” Tommy just for kicks since he knows we will ALWAYS say NO!

“What are we going to do today?” Everyone at least once per trip.

“I’m gonna watch the sunrise.” Tommy who has yet to see the sun rise.

“My ears popped. Are we high?” Miranda during the car ride through the mountains of West Virginia.

“Well it wouldn’t be too far away if you’d stop driving 50 miles in the wrong direction.” Miranda to Debbie during an argument over where to eat lunch.


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