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Memory Monday-House Fire

Memory Monday-It’s a thing…

If I remember correctly, a few months after the barn burned, we also had a small house fire. During full house years, we used every available room and space in the house. We set up a twin size bed in the utility room which took up almost the entire room. Because of the bed, the door couldn’t be fully opened. Some of us were doubled up in queen size beds to make sure there was enough room for everyone. The two rooms upstairs were full as well.

For entertainment, we all swapped books and most of the bedrooms had some sort of radio. We had two TVs in the house; one floor model in the living room and a smaller table top TV upstairs. We were so far out in the country; we didn’t have cable TV and satellite TV required a lot of money and a lot of space because the dishes were huge in the early 80s.

One day, some of us were in the kitchen having lunch. Beverly and Bonnie had been upstairs watching TV before they came to the kitchen for lunch. While we were sitting there, Bonnie said she smelled smoke and followed the scent to the stairs. She ran up the steps and yelled out that the little TV was on fire. With the barn burning still fresh in our minds, all the adults took off running up the stairs.

I grabbed Brett, and half dragged him out the front door. I hurried him out to the little bridge away from the house to wait. After a fire safety lesson at school, I talked to my mom about a safe meeting point and we decided the bridge would be the best place. Brett and I waited to see what would happen.

Finally, Mom came and told us we could go back inside. Bonnie made it to the TV first and with some quick thinking, she managed to grab the TV to toss it out the window. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt in the process. Other than a few melted spots on the linoleum, the house was undamaged. From that point on, we didn’t leave anything plugged in upstairs.




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